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Nguyen_Le_Vy_Khanh   (F)Nu 


DOB:  11/10/1978
Height:   1m55 m       Weight:  50  Kg.
Address: 3 Sao Mai, P.7, Q. Tan Binh, HCM, Vietnam
Phone:  84 903140876
Sơ lược về bạn: I am very honest, warm, family oriented, nice, kind, straight, caring, smart, beautiful... I am very serious, I do not play games. I belive in Karma, so I always treat people the way I want them to treat me.I love to be your friend.
Muốn kết bạn với người có các tiêu chuẩn: I am looking for a good husband who is smart, kind and generous. I want to settle down now. so I do not have time to play games

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